A downloadable nsfw for Windows, Linux, and Android

This is an ongoing Boy Love Slave Game (almost complete). 

Short description: A stubborn and arrogant prince's journey of becoming a monster's slave pet

Aside from the High res PC version, the game can be download on Pc, Android and Mac, for high res and low res.

My web page can be found at https://thaovyletruong.wixsite.com/vivi

My Patreon page can be found at https://www.patreon.com/vivigame

Please check it out and join the fun if you are interested 


_If the prince pride and psyche <50 before you activated group sex, the event will never happens

_After loose his virginity (the first time the monster's cock rams in the prince's asshole), if the prince said Fuck off 4 times 

_The giant monsters ask the monster "Can we shoot eggs in him?   

" Why not?" > male preg                                             "Ask the prince" >groupsex


- If the prince's water is around 60 or above, he will ask you to release him because he needs to pee. If you make him pee right there, his pride and mental will decrease by 10
- 1 or 2 pee time and he will do everything in the sim menu

Install instructions

For PC and Mac: Unzip the file, click on the pink girl icon and enjoy the game.

For android: Remember to allow install from unknown resources in setting. This game size is around 300 MB. There's another android version on my website


vyle.com-101-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 315 MB
PrideAndSubmission650x950-1.1-pc.zip 324 MB

Development log


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can you make the prince get degraded in his own palace like a sex slave for slaves or animals . i would love it if the prince gets really humiliated in public places and whipped and thrashed and he woyuld try to control his tears but everyone was laughing . public sexual humiliation is a good niche topic to lead your story. i would love it if he was punished to be fucked by anyone and whipped by everyone and him being tied to a pillory . i think he has been punished in privacy of the forst for long enough , time to get him in the streets of his country and humiliate and degrade him like a sex slave and make him crawl naked in public or dance sluttty in public.

I think humiliation is a bit mild in this game too. maybe something in front of other people would be nice.


Guys, just look at this hentai game! It's 3D and the graphics is mind-blowing!

You can check for yourself, CLICK


Hi! I love the game, but I want to ask something about the ending, is the slave ending already created? Or is it still in progress? 

And I'd like to have like em a romantic ending? Is that possible? A happy ending but with the monster uwu  Kind of a love-hate relationship or a entierly love ending. 

Thank you so much! 

And I already said this but, good job and I love the game! 

No more to say, just: - Monsters <3

Is there any new animations?

I haven't finish the update. Maybe around December


Hi! Have you already played the beta version of Hentai World? If no, then do it now.

Here is the website to download, CLICK!

very nice game . please addd more humiliation scenes.

Thanks :)) I will

hey can u create a storyline where the prince gets humiliated in front of other humans he knows ,like he is still sane but is forced to humiliate himself in front of people he knows, like parading him naked through the town or a public spanking and fucking with a toy. I wish the starting of the story where he looks down on other people must be punished and they could get their revenge

lol. I don't know if I can be that evil hahaha

nudity in front of people would be humiliating can u add some scenes like that. i like public humiliation.

would you please make a Mac version ? I missing your game very much <3

I have a Mac version. Please visit my website or patreon.com/vivigame

Any new update yet?

Not yet, I have 3 more animations

can i help u in any way

there's a patreon page for his work if you mean help in that way


very intresting game. Thank u for sharing that.


Thank you very much :))

How to get the bad end?


At first when you meet the small Demon. Choose everything aside from "Ignore him"-> "Show him the way out". To make it quick, choose "Ask him" (about the Stone)



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Let his belly grow from eating too much, like at 250 food and/or water make him start gaining weight... and putting on more and more as u force him to eat and drink beyond his food and hunger.

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How do you get the prince to pee ? I had his water at 75 but nothing happened !


It had to be more then 60 when you end the day by "Let him rest" option


How do I get the male preg scene?


hey :))

First, you have to make sure his pride and psyche is around 51 to 100

Second, anal sex the prince 2 or 3 time (the first time player had sex with the prince, he only spank. The monster needs to ram his cock in the prince’’s ass 

Third, spam water or food to the drink. Let he says Fuck off around 4 times

I did that and nothing works.  How can I raise is pride and psyche up?

You can't. Did you choose jump to the end of the sim? If you play from start or from Beginning of the sim, his pride and Psyche start at 100. Then you do anal sex with him 2 or 3 times, and spam him water

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😈It worked!😈


What about weight gain from High food and water?

How do you get group sex scene?

I've tried again & again and nothing gets me there.

hey :))

First, you have to make sure his pride and psyche is around 51 to 100

Second, anal sex the prince 2 or 3 time (the first time player had sex with the prince, he only spank. The monster needs to ram his cock in the prince’’s ass 

Third, spam water or food to the drink. Let he says Fuck off around 4 times

Oooohhh look at that bulge in his stomach thank you for this wonderful update :D I hope you add more sex scenes in the game Im looking forward for the next update 

Hey, thank you very much :))


I read the thread and heard that there is a secret event after you get the bad end.

How can I see the secret event?

at the beginning, when you talk with the little demon, choose: ignore him (don’t ask about the stone) > show him the way out

secret event (the extension) I haven’t make it yet TvT. I’m adding more to the sim right now. (Adding bath option)

Oh OK then.

I really love the game, btw. I can't wait to see the complete version :D!

Thank you very much :))

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And then what?  What come next?

After that, I'll continue to work on the game's ending. Then maybe add other endings too, like Slave end

I couldn´t get the Mpreg/group sex scene???

is there any code or option you need to do in order to activate it???

yeah, it’s here 


you have to anal sex him first (not hit but really ram cock in his ass), then feed or water him 4 time when food and water >60

Im currently playing on the android version, it plays up until the point of where I have to type in my name. No matter how many times I type a name or press enter it will not continue?

Thank you very much for the infor. I'll get rid of type name in android soon. If you use the default name, can you continue?

I can't continue at all, no matter how much I press enter it tap on the screen. Default or not, it just gets stuck, oh! And backspacing doesn't seem to work either when typing I noticed.

Yeah, I'll get rid of the name. Thank you for pointing out

Hey, i have get rid of the name

I love the game!!btw do the bad ending only show the dialog and nothing else and also it only have 2 ending right?

Hey, thank you very much! The end only shows the dialog because the game haven't completed yet. 

Yeah, for now, it only have 2 ends. I planned to have a slave end too but haven't made it yet. Somewhere in this week I'll release the male preg/ groupsex version. I'll give a word doc for a cheat in the game (to beat the game faster) and how to activate group sex event

nice!! You make me excited!

Game hay lắm chị ôi 👌👌

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Cam on em hehe :)) Sap update cai moi oj. Trong tuan nay thoi. Co le la Chu Nhat

Do you play as the prince or as the monster? Or is it 3d person viewing?

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It is 3d person viewing. You can make choices for both the prince and the monster. If you like to check out the game first, you can watch its trailer here although now the dialog had change, facial expression, more sex scene had been added, and I had proofreading it

This is so good keep up the good work :D

Love how the prince'sstomach bulges when the monster go deep

Thanks hehe :))

I got the ending were the leeches invade the prince body. How can I get the other ending 

Here is how to get the good end: At the first time you meet the little demon, choose Ignore him-> show him the way out

It's great I like the idea

But is there any story or I'm gonna just torture the prince

I’m working on the ending right now. There are two endings. If you got the bad end, you can chose to continue the game. There is a secret event there. 

I downloaded the file 

But how to install it

Are you download the pc or Mac version? If it is, you can unzip the file, then double click on the pink hair girl icon. If you download the android version, you have to allow install from unknown resource in Setting. 

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Seems like the web version is not working :((

Please check out the high Resolution version at my website if you like high res art. Its size is around 600MB

to bad can't install it on my Android phone(v.6.0.1).i try almost 11times.always app not installed.i download again.but the same.maybe it's not compatible.but I think it's a cool game:)

Both two versions? Maybe it because of the size, or your phone blocks downloads come for unknown resources, or maybe it’s not compatible like you said. Thank you for your review :)) I hope u play it on pc. It had a lot of detail x scenes hehe

Also for mine, always says it cannot be installed, i have an android 8.0.0, but still cannot be installed. Can you fix this? I really wanna play this. 

Is it because your phone block it? Can you check the setting? Or maybe the game file is too big for your phone?
I know it's more fun to play on phone but if you can't download it, how about PC or Mac? Sorry for cannot help more. I use the build from a game engine. I'm clueless when it come to complicated programming stuff. You can send me your email address if you want a web version. But it is laggy and slow. (The web build from that engine is in beta test)

Im broke sooo, i dont really have pc or mac, I only have a phone, and I tried to install on multiple ones, but none of them work, which means, the problem isnt our phones, its the build of the game i think. 

Deleted post
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Have you try both 2 Android version? https://www.patreon.com/vivigame Maybe 1 will work. I always thought those 2 are the same. Maybe this is the reason. I'll update the 86_64 version soon. Please reply me if it works